Amis du vieux Guérigny (les)

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Amis du vieux Guérigny (les)

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Amis du vieux Guérigny (les)
Mairie de Guérigny
58130 Guérigny

The Friends of Old Guérigny association was created in 1976 following the closure of the Forges de la Chaussade in 1975.

Its goal: to safeguard the memory of the industrial past of Guérigny and its surroundings.

The association manages a museum dedicated to the history of forges and metallurgy on the site of the former royal forges.

The "Thursday companions" make models and prepare one exhibition per year.

Since 1988, the association has had a scientific council made up of university professors, engineers, historians ... Their work is published in an annual edition, the "Marteau-Pilon", which revives the history of Nivernaise metallurgy.

Periodically, conferences are organized and the proceedings of the conference are published.