Association Argonne Meuse Patrimoine

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Association Argonne Meuse Patrimoine

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Association Argonne Meuse Patrimoine
En Mairie Place de la république

The purpose of the association is to contribute to the artistic and cultural development of the region. It wishes to collect, preserve and enhance the local heritage and make it accessible to all Argonnais. The "memory of the Great War in Argonne / Route de la Haute Chevauchée" project is part of a remembrance duty and involves several partners: General Council, municipalities, Office des Forêts ... A combat zone in Argonne has already emerged from oblivion with the rehabilitation of a German connection tunnel, the Kaiser-Tunnel, and the establishment of a historic path that runs through trenches and intestines. The objective is now to expand the project in order to show the reality of the war in this area which has been the largest theater of forestry operations of all European wars. As a first step, the association wishes to carry out a volunteer worksite for the rehabilitation of a supply, treatment and distribution of drinking water network on this site of the 14-18 war, as well as the repair of a set including stable, drinking trough and shelter-office in the town of La Chalade.