Association centre rural de Charly

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Association centre rural de Charly

Tel : 03 85 50 80 05

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Association centre rural de Charly
71250 Mazille

The Charly Rural Center was entrusted forty years ago with a remarkable estate located in the heart of the Clunysois region and has been working ever since for "the encouragement of the agricultural profession, the technical and moral training of the rural world and generally of all questions relating thereto, finally the proper management of the property belonging to it ".

Many activities have been created: farm, rural family home, community space, etc.

The first sites were dictated by the urgency of the restoration of the surrounding walls of the property, then the volunteers worked on the rehabilitation of the main alley leading to the castle with the installation of "lifted stones" (technique type of the region) partially recovered on the land of Charly.
More recently, the facades of the old stables from 1670, now used by the Amicale Intercommunal, have been renovated.

The association has received groups of people in difficulty accompanied by their organizers and can set up projects with young people from technical high schools or the Family House.