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Association de Montgilbert

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Association de Montgilbert
Chez Claude Purpan
113 bd Beaumarchais
75003 Paris

In 1974, a group of friends fascinated by the remains of a castle buried in the vegetation, created the Association for the Safeguarding and Enhancement of the Château de Montgilbert. Its goal: clearing, clearing, restoring in order to make known and transmit the castle.
Today, the association is working, through volunteer sites to consolidate, restore and secure the monument, develop its surroundings to make it known and visited in the best conditions.
The Association, in order to collect and compile all documents relating to the monument and its history, carried out research work in the 1980s which resulted in the publication of a work "Montgilbert and his lords "(now sold out). More recently, the association has published a pamphlet which presents the history of the castle and describes its main architectural elements for an intelligent and instructive visit of the site.
Finally, the Montgilbert association also participates in local dynamics through summer festivals, a permanent exhibition in the village ...
For its action, and in particular for the organization of volunteer sites, the association receives support from the DRAC, the DRJSCS, the Allier County Council, the Vichy Community, the Heritage Foundation.

The Montgilbert association is developing its heritage preservation activities, as part of a popular education project open to a diverse audience. This mainly involves setting up a volunteer site which is organized in three sessions of 15 days each. This project meets the following objectives:

A technical objective: the safeguarding and the development of the castle of Montgilbert, building registered in the additional inventory of the historic buildings.
The aim is to make the Château de Montgilbert accessible, understandable and visitable and to pass this element of the heritage of the Montagne Bourbonnaise to future generations.
Overall, the technical project aims at the crystallization of the ruin of the castle and the preservation of its elevations by resumption of masonry and rockworks of the tops of walls. The work program is submitted each year to the opinion of the Territorial Service of Architecture and Heritage (STAP / ABF) and, as necessary, to the Regional Service of Archeology (SRA). This annual work is part of a multi-year global project.

An educational objective: learning to "live and do together"
The aim is to offer the opportunity, in particular to young people from various backgrounds, to live an original experience of collective life: open to an audience of very different ages, social, cultural or geographical origins, the volunteer worksite constitutes a moment of integration and social mixing.
The site also aims to educate heritage: discovery of a historic monument, learning traditional techniques and know-how of construction and restoration.
The site is finally an opportunity offered, in particular to young people, to participate in a local associative project in which they will be able, if they wish, to commit themselves sustainably and take responsibility.

A sustainable local development objective
The Château de Montgilbert is a real resource for the territory of the Montagne Bourbonnaise. The volunteer site helps preserve this resource; it ensures its transmission; it allows visitors to access it (highlighting, setting up explanatory panels).

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