Association de sauvegarde du château d'Allègre et de son site

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Association de sauvegarde du château d'Allègre et de son site

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Association de sauvegarde du château d'Allègre et de son site
19 avenue Jalabert

Founded in 1993, the castle association now brings together over a hundred members. Its purpose is the safeguarding, the development, the cultural animation of the castle and its site as well as all research and historical and archaeological studies relating to this goal. In particular, it worked for the inscription in the additional inventory of Historic Monuments of the site in 1997.

The association organizes a medieval festival every year on the third Saturday in July. Professional and amateur actors bring to life, for an afternoon, lords, young birds, ladies, religious and peasants in the various residences of the area. Then, under the stars, a ball closes this day. This convivial day is organized in association with the associations of the castles of the region (Bouquet, Montalet). In July for a few years a varied program of animations is proposed, stories, theater, French and Occitan songs, concerts, jazz, classical.

The association welcomes each year the visit of several classes from the college of Salindres and primary schools in the area. At the same time, guided tours, conferences and hikes are organized throughout the year. In addition, the association publishes each year a journal which summarizes all the activities carried out during the season and has created a website. Finally, the association is a founding member of the Archaeological and Historical Federation of Gard (FAHG) and a member of the Union Rempart in Occitanie.

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Volunteers meet at the chateau every 1st Saturday of the month for a day of work and work to save and restore the chateau and its site: brush clearing, consolidation of walls, securing ruins, snacks, etc. More important work was also carried out by specialized companies with the assistance of the town hall of Allègre Les-Fumades, the DRAC, the Region and the General Council under the aegis of the Architect of the monuments of France, others are being put together.

The Mont Bouquet sector is historically an area known for having hosted many glassmaking workshops. In partnership with the association Histoires et Traditions de Salindres, an exhibition presenting the armorial bearings of the glass gentlemen is regularly presented on the site of the castle or in other rooms, supplemented by a work on the sigillography of the medieval time. Teachers from the sector, members of the association organize school visits, illustrated and guided. A professor of the college of Salindres carried out a course of history on the castle of Allègre for his pupils.

Workshops are regularly organized with the support of the association Familles Rurales du Gard. This structure carries out activities to promote the integration of adults in difficulty. On several occasions the Rempart worksites were jointly organized with Familels Rurales, the mix of audiences was each time a great success.

The last example is the realization of the orientation table inaugurated during the heritage days in September 2018

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