Avenir Environnement

Avenir Environnement

Tel : 03 80 66 47 19

Email : avenir.environnement@wanadoo.fr

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Avenir Environnement
6 ter rue de Nachey
21240 Talant

Avenir environnement is a popular education association whose members are, individually or as representatives of communities, sensitive to the environment, to the heritage that constitutes it and to the economic and social development that it can generate.
The association was created in 1996. Its statutory goals are:
- The enhancement, maintenance, protection and promotion of the environment and all its components, whether natural or not;
- Training, social and professional integration, cultural education for any person wishing to exercise, professionally or not, the techniques related to the previous object or to study elements thereof in order to achieve this object.

Avenir Environnement offers awareness-raising events throughout the year. This is an educational welcome on sites which the association manages in the short or medium term. The objective is to make discover in depth the interest of the sites and their safeguard as well to the general public as to the schools or to the close inhabitants.
These animations can be the support of educational actions for the knowledge of the environments, particular fauna and flora, and their needs. In this context, Avenir Environnement organizes “discovery” class actions and welcomes schoolchildren in collaboration with social centers and schools.

Avenir Environnement is running a permanent integration project approved under the “Integration through Economic Activity” system. This site accommodates 30 people under CES contract and operates throughout the natural heritage of the Côte d? Or.
The activity consists in setting up actions allowing participants to define a professional and social project, a priori in the field of the environment, and to acquire the bases necessary for the establishment of the courses. The main goal is to support people towards sustainable employment.
In order to set the professional objectives of the participants on the exit, two cycles are open leading either to the employment or to the qualification of the people on their exit:
- The "Environmental maintenance agent" cycle concerns 24 people working on outlets for jobs linked to the maintenance and development of rural areas, as well as jobs in the forestry sector.
- The “Environment Animator” cycle concerns 4 to 8 people in professions related to animation in rural areas, and in particular preparation for admission to “BEATEP Environment” training.