Beynes Histoire et Patrimoine

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Beynes Histoire et Patrimoine

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Beynes Histoire et Patrimoine
Hôtel de ville
Place du 8 mai 1945
78650 Beynes

The commune of Beynes is located in the Yvelines, north-east of the Rambouillet district and the canton of Montfort-l? Amaury. Its history dates back to prehistoric times as evidenced by several archaeological discoveries. This village has a 12th and 13th century castle and a church with furniture classified as a "historic monument", in particular a magnificent statue of the Virgin and Child dating from the 14th century.

The purpose of the Beynes Histoire et Patrimoine association, founded in October 2009:
- The development of the history of Beynes and its heritage
- The restoration, maintenance, animation and enhancement of the Château de Beynes.

It has set itself the goals of:
- draw up an inventory of local heritage
- create a documentary background concerning the history of the city of Beynes
- ensure the conservation and restoration of the historical, artistic, archaeological and environmental heritage
- raise awareness and promote understanding of heritage through various events and publications
- participate in the organization of work sites for young volunteers for heritage preservation