Les appels d’Orphée

Les appels d’Orphée

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Email : orphee@rempart.com

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Les appels d’Orphée
Les Appels d'Orphée
74 Place Saint Jacques
75014 Paris

The association Les Appels d'Orphée was founded in 1977. The action of the Appels d'Orphée, rewarded in 1995 by the national prize of the National Fund for Historic Monuments, aims to protect the funerary heritage of the 19th century and to make the public and professionals better known.

Supervised by a professional restorer, the volunteers are introduced to the restoration of stone and the ethics of conservation restoration of monuments.

The Calls of Orpheus organize every year (since 1987) courses for the restoration of funeral monuments in cemeteries in Paris.
Supervised by a restorer of historic monuments, these courses are open to everyone from 18 years old. The trainees are introduced to the ethics of restoration and its techniques (stone cutting, cleaning and maintenance of monuments, leaf gilding, restitution of polychromy, etc.?). The courses also include a guided tour of a Parisian cemetery, the discovery of its history and some of its monuments.