Renaissance d’Urfé

Renaissance d’Urfé

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Renaissance d’Urfé
Evelyne Moskal
42430 Champoly

Founded in December 1979, the association for the Renaissance of Urfé works to save the vestiges of the ancestral castle of the Urfé family which has some important figures among its members, notably Honoré d'Urfé, author of the novel "L 'Astrée ".
Through its development, the association has made this site a cultural pole with the organization of exhibitions, guided tours and a summer concert. The tourist attraction it generates promotes the dynamism of a rural area and awareness of the safeguarding of the historic and monumental heritage.

The association organizes each year an international workcamp of young volunteers during which the participants are introduced to the traditional techniques of stone masonry: manufacture of lime mortar, laying and grouting of the stone and cutting of the granite according to the needs.

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