Mikel's experience with REMPART, between masonery and theater

” Hello!

I am currently in Théâtre des Minuits, and it has been very interesting. We have almost finished the restoration work that was assigned for our group. Due to Covid, our group has been reduced to 7 volunteers.
To continue, our work has been repairing walls of the Chateau. Applying “gobetis” (repairing the wall before coating it) and inserting “coulis” (putting very liquid mortar through the holes of the wall) on the castle’s wall have been our major tasks.

We have also been doing theatre with the aid of the local theatre director. The objective was to act during the party organized on Saturday 25th and the result was genial!

The party organized by Theatre des Minuits was an extremely intergenerational night, and we enjoyed diverse representations: circus, magic and a very cool concert of “Les Robinetis”. And of course, our own spectacle.

Finally, I would like to mention that this workcamp makes a very interesting combination of masonry and theatre. In fact, it has motivated me to start practising theatre after the end of the workcamp! “